Thermal Management Applications

Methods for achieving cooling in Electronics are changing along with the industry as the demand for efficiency and sustainability continues to increase. Managing heat in electronics has increasingly become one of the biggest challenges in optimizing performance. Thanks to our decades of experience in Electronics and Semiconductor industry expertise, our portfolio offers the right products for tasks of any size or complexity. High-end applications are thus just as simple to implement as simple, straightforward production processes where speed and cost-effectiveness are vital.


- Thermal management continues to receive attention
- Liquid cooling cycle heat dissipation efficiency is 30 times higher than wind
- Air cooling requires more power consumption, especially in some areas where the problem is particularly prominent
- Modular liquid cooling lines are increasingly used in the computer industry
- Due to electronic components, the quick change connection must be 0 leakage, and only a few suppliers can meet this requirement now

- Quick-change products in thermal management applications must meet the requirements of high compatibility, robust mechanical properties for media and working environments.
- Zero liquid leakage is a must in the electronics industry to ensure the safety of the installation.

- TM Application Quick change provides low pressure drop features to ensure reduced energy consumption and compact mounting controls
- Special internal design ensures no fluid loss in the case of multiple continuous connections and disconnections, protecting the safety of electronic components. The special design also allows the electronic modules to be quickly connected and locked
- Highly compatible materials can be used in harsh mechanical applications


Application case
Application: Large laser projector
Fast, leak-free connection and disconnection
Special design for water cooling applications - the valve is always closed when the quick change is off
Low pressure drop
NSI Series


Blow machine water/oil cold
Fast, leak-free connection and disconnection
Excellent resistance to mechanical stress and low maintenance
Low pressure drop
NSP Series


Application: High voltage AC transformer
Quick cooler replacement for easy maintenance
Leak-free connections and disconnections
Reduce service costs and improve user experience


Application: High performance computer
Double O-rings are achieved without leakage
Modules can be replaced quickly
Lightweight products
System solution provider
Products :KL series and valve block


Application: Plastic blowing machine
Rapid mold change
No leakage connection and disconnection
Water, gas, and electricity are connected simultaneously
High acceleration and resistance to mechanical stress
Product :MFL series

Post time: Nov-13-2023